World Series

USFPO World Series Format

USFPO World Series events are by invitation only and reserved for teams which have won or been runners up/finalists of a USFPO World Series Qualifier from July through May of the World Series year.  In addition a limited number of At-Large bids may be issued to teams that have participated in a USFPO World Series Qualifier.  

Please refer to the USFPO tournament schedule to determine which USFPO events are World Series Qualifiers.  

USFPO will host a World Series every year at a first class ballpark in a destination that ensures teams and their fan-families make plenty of memories on and off the diamonds.

Unique USFPO World Series awards will be issued to the champion and runner up/finalists in each age group. 

2021 USFPO World Series!

2021 World Series Coming Soon!     

Given the unique circumstances in 2020, we are opening the 2021 World Series to all teams. All teams/sanctions are welcome!

We are also mindful that team budgets and travel plans may be challenged this year, so we are offering an affordable $395 registration fee and a discounted hotel for teams that need it.

Registration opening soon.