Entry Fee Payment Terms

Full payment is due upon registration. All deposits and subsequent monies are non-refundable payments as outlined below in the Refund Policy and a stated intent to participate in the event.


Scheduled Dates / Placement

In the event that a U.S. Fastpitch Open (“USFPO”) tournament site has multiple date options, your placement will be in the week of your first choice. In multiple date sites, your first choice is prioritized, but not guaranteed; as we reserve the right to place your team in another week at the same site. This alternate date placement is an unlikely scenario. In most cases, this action is taken only if registration numbers in the week of your choosing are low or and age group is sold out, or for some unplanned reason requiring cancellation. Examples could include damage to the facility site, acts of God and other unforeseen causes. In most cases, we will make this determination no later than 14 days prior to your originally scheduled event dates.  By registering, you understand and agree that team entry fees are not refundable if we are able to place you in another week at the same location you originally registered and chose.


Transportation and Travel

You are registering for a USFPO tournament. In accepting these terms of service, it is understood that USFPO, the host site (facility, city and state) are not liable in any way for any travel expenses related to your trip to a USFPO tournament in an event cancellation.

Travel expenses can include airline tickets, hotel deposits, rental car fees, train tickets, and other related travel expenses. USFPO event experiences could be cancelled due to a number of unforeseen reasons. Some examples of event cancellation could be weather related, park facility damage, or inadequate number of registrations. USFPO strives to commit every effort in producing quality, memory-making events with the safety and well-being of our teams and fan-families.


Credit / Refund Policy

All deposits and subsequent monies for registration fees are non-refundable payments as is stated in our “Entry Fee Payment Terms” above. Your registration and any payments are statements of intent to participate in the event. Regardless of circumstances that may arise and necessitate your team to drop from the event, no payments will be refunded. For this reason, please make sure your team is 100% fully committed before submitting any payments towards your team entry fees. In certain situations, if your team still needs to withdraw, USFPO may at its sole discretion extend a 100% credit towards another USFPO event. Please contact us for details if any further clarification is needed about our Credit / Refund Policy.


Weather Refund Policy

If USFPO is unable to complete a tournament due to weather, registration refunds will be issued as follows:  no games started, 75% refund; 1 game started, 50% refund; 2nd game started, 25% refund; 3rd or more games started, 0% refund.  No refunds are issued on gate fees.  Weather related registration refunds will be issued within 10 days of the completion of the event.


Privacy, Photo Release & COPPA Policies

USFPO collects registration and customer information through its website and event registration activities for use by USFPO only, for the purposes of periodic communication with past and future participants, as well as those interested in information about USFPO events, experiences, and activities.

We do not provide or share our online customer data with any outside entity except for the purposes of completing credit card or other financial transactions in service to the customer.

By registering for a USFPO tournament, you are providing USFPO an irrevocable photo release for your team and its players, coaches, and fan-families.  USFPO owns the exclusive rights to any photos it takes, and may use them for marketing and promotional purposes.

USFPO does not collect personal information directly from children under the age of 13 as directed by the FTC’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998. Periodic promotions, public relations and marketing efforts for in the sports industry and elsewhere, for USFPO, are directed specifically to parents and families interested in sports-related events and products.

USFPO does not condone or distribute unsolicited email on its behalf. All promotional and informational email communication to our customer database is done strictly on an opt-in basis. Recipients may opt-out of future mailings at any time.

For more information, or questions regarding USFPO online privacy policy, contact; USFPO at support-services@brookemont.com.


Covid 19 Policy

Player and fan health and safety is our top priority. USFPO will review CDC and local health department guidelines for each event, and make best efforts to implement these guidelines at its events. By agreeing to these terms of service you acknowledge that you and your team, players, fans, and families have reviewed the requite guidelines from CDC and the event’s local health authorities, will abide by them at all times, and accept the risks associated with Covid 19. Furthermore, you and your team, players, fans, and families agree to hold harmless USFPO and its ownership, principals and staff from risks and adverse outcomes related to Covid 19.